A+ knowledge on your products

Duane Hall

Amazing team and everything you need

Casey Phillips

Awesome shop with all your growing needs!!!

Ray & Mary Santiago

Great place to go good people and products and prices good cheers all.


Always helpful and very knowledgeable

Kyle Keenan

Excellent service, very polite and professional

Joshua Hannum

Great staff, great prices, overall awesome people!!

Justin Schwartz

Staff Is friendly and very Knowledgeable. They seem to really care about their customers and helping them figure things out. If they don't have an answer they will tell you. If you are new to growing give these guys a call or stop in their store.


about the work they do. I went to the store looking for help and answers to my DIY hydroponic system and struggling plants. I found all the answers and more information than I ever expected. My struggling bell peppers have turned into thriving plants producing results expected from hydroponics, my son loves watching our plants grow above and below in the reservoir and learning about anything hydroponics. The staff and owner at Grow Big Hydro, inc saved our family indoor garden and a little boys dream of growing his own bell peppers. I am a customer for life. This place is awesome and if your considering learning about hydroponics or growing plants in general Grow Big is the place to go for all your needs and answers.

Dan Schultz

Loved these guys. They were able to answer all my questions and had everything i needed.

Pete Diaz

Extremely knowledgeable at every level. Unlimited choice of products and supplies. If you want to learn how to grow healthy plants stop by grow big hydro!

Zach Bernhagen

Best guys in the business they know to grow

Harry Rogers

Perfect in every sense. They help you figure out what is best for what plants you are growing. Huge selection of inventory. Customer support is top notch.

Doghouse Observatory

Once again proved why I love using grow big as my go to anything hydro, not to mention the amount of knowledge and selection! The owner went out of his way to make me one happy customer! Would recommend grow big to anyone and everyone!!

Brandon Conser

Extremely vast and extensive product line. Many different mediums to choose from, so many different nutrients in stock, and helpful friendly staff! Best grow shop I've been to hands down! If your growing your own medicine this is the place to go!!!

Gypsywanderer suhh dude

I needed help with making tea. The staff was so knowledgeable and helpful. The best store around ,hands down

Andy Gornick

Always Helpful and they have everything needed and priced right

DrFlower420 Campbell

Staff is knowledgeable and always friendly. The prices are great.

Blaine Jones

Just so everyone knows, grow big is carrying full gallons and quart bottles of iso for some of the best prices around.

Trevor Klein

Knowledgeable staff. Fair prices.

Antonio Kemp

Great Store ! they have it all friendly knowledgeable staff

Alex Biers

Very good selection of organic amendments. I've been back to the store more than 10 times now and always have a different question about growing. Even when they were busy they've answered my questions without hesitation. Thank you for your patience with an avid organic grower.

Drew Skeels

Owners is easily one of the most intelligent and innovative grow experts I've met. He will not only teach you something you don't know but will help solve your issues what ever they may be, stand up guy!

Nick Glod

The guy who runs this place knows the plant biz better than any other person I have encountered. I have since dubbed him the "Plant Master". Extremely knowledgeable and personable. 100% recommend to check 'em out for your indoor gardening needs. Thanks AJ for doing what you do!

Lindsay Eaton

Great customer service, knowledgeable staff. Worth the trip every time.

Donovan Goble

AJ and all his staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They have very competitive pricing and are always helpful when I'm lost at what to do next. BONUS... Love love love the adorable puppy! She is so sweet!

Staci Todd

This place has a wide variety of supplies and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! Awesome atmosphere and decent prices. If you're getting into growing check this place out!


If you guys want to support local this is the place to go! Their customer service skills are top game, always ready to help you out, very knowledgeable, and friendly!

Shwaggy Nick

Lots of good stuff to grow your hydroponics. Staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Love this place!

Linda Readman

Great store. Aj and the staff really know there stuff and are very helpful.

Jason Burmester

These guys are always there to answer a question and have competitive prices on their goods! Keeps me coming back too often ;)

Colin Kirk

Good selection, good knowledge, and they've always been able to get me what I need if they don't have it.

Noah Adams

The new owner is very helpful and knowledgeable. Their prices are reasonable and they have a good selection of products.

Don Lyons

Best guys in the business. You will feel like family here.

Mark Matteson

Awesome experience great customer service thank you Aj I'll be back again.

CJ Cowgill

AJ and staff know the products. Have competitive prices, and stand behind what they sell. Even left with a dozen fresh farm eggs! Theres no other place in town that competes with what Grow Big offers. Great establishment

Los Cruz

Can't say enough good things about Grow Big Hydro. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. They have a ton of good product for a wide variety of grow types.

Kris Jenkins

I'm very new to growing plants, and the lights here were out of my budget. That said, the owner took a good hour or more of his time up help educate me. Not only that he was also willing to talk plant nutrition with me and show me a variety of products. I'd recommend any back yard gardener or house plant enthusiast to stop by and have a look around. Despite hydro being in the name, there are plenty of soil options as well.

Chad Toye

Great shop. Owner is very knowledgeable on all products

Google User

Anything you have questions for, they've got answers too great people...

Michelle Moberg

Definitely the spot. Staff was awesome. Would definitely recommend.

Michael Berg