Grow Healthier Plants

Learn the art of hydroponics

Does your green thumb need a little work? It takes effort and consistency to grow lush and healthy plants, especially if you're growing a hydroponic garden. You need to make sure your plants get the exact nutrients they need at the right times. The pros at Grow Big Hydro Inc. can teach you how to properly care for your plants so they grow the way they're supposed to.

We'll help you pick out the right food and nutrients and create a feeding schedule, so you can get the most from your plants. We sell plants, nutrients, lighting systems and plant food for hydroponic gardens. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Brands of Feed Offered

  • Nectar to the gods
  • Advanced nutrients
  • Psycho
  • GH
  • Botanicare
  • Current Culture food
  • Fox farm food
  • Floor flex food
  • Earthjuice sugar peak line
  • Gaia green earth
  • Dakine420 nutrients