Grow Healthy Plants Indoors Without Using Soil

Learn how using hydroponics can help your plants thrive

Whether you've been cultivating plants for years or are just getting started, you can find all the supplies you need for your indoor garden, nursery or farm at Grow Big Hydro Inc. We carry all kinds of hydroponic substrates, plant nutrients, grow light fixtures and ventilation systems so you can cultivate strong, healthy plants with ease.

Grow Big Hydro has been in business in Machesney Park, IL since 2005. In fact, our owner used to work at the store before returning to school. When you visit our garden supply shop, you'll find that our owner is always eager to share his hydroponics knowledge with you. Visit Grow Big Hydro today to see how we can help you with your indoor gardening needs. You can call us at (815) 637-4769.

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Hydroponics are a balancing act

To create a stable indoor growing environment, you need the right:

  • Lighting: In place of sunlight, you can use fluorescent, high-intensity discharge (HID) or light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs.
  • Nutrients: We carry products from some of the biggest names in plant nutrition, including House & Garden.
  • Ventilation: Control the moisture and temperature of your indoor garden with fans, filters or ozone generators.
  • Growing medium: Instead of using soil, use hydroponic substrates, such as rockwool or peat moss.

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