Your Plants Can Flourish With Artificial Sunlight

Choose grow lights for your hydroponic gardening system

One of the biggest challenges of growing plants indoors is finding an adequate light source. Grow Big Hydro Inc. has the lamps and lightbulbs you've been looking for. Since 2005, we've been helping local gardeners and farmers choose the right lighting for their leafy green vegetables, flowers, tomatoes and other plants. We can help you, too.

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We'll shed light on the subject

Our owner grew up gardening and has an intimate knowledge of hydroponics. He'd be happy to recommend a lighting system for your indoor garden. We carry all kinds of grow light systems, including:
Fluorescent lighting: T5 lightbulbs | Blue and full spectrum CFL bulbs | 6500K daylight CFL bulbs
HID lighting: 315W CMH bulbs | Double-ended lightbulbs
LED lighting: Highlight bulbs

We carry products from many major brands. Visit our shop today to see what we've got in stock. (815) 637-4769